Tools & Models

Our useful tools will make your participation in Global Management Challenge more effective. Currently we offer two products. Firstly it is GMCHelper PRO Tool+ that will solve you everything from handling your reports, analyzing them, predicting demand and meeting the production capacity to calculating financial results. Secondly you can get the Importer with Basic Analysis tool that will quickly analyze the data you imported and show you the results. 

The PRO Tool+ is what most people go for. Either they use it as their primary tool, or they buy it and then integrate it to their own Excel tools. But most of them find out that their own tools were far behind the PRO Tool and just go with the first option anyway.


  1. Hello,
    COngratulations for your website but i have a little. As i can see, we cannot do consultations of your manuals and all your tips have a cost. So we cannot appreciate quality of your products without buy them. I think you should make some products (like manuals and tips, not report) a little bit free for consultations in order to do few marketing.

    • romangmchelper1987

      Hi Abe, I prefer it this way because it gives better advantage to people who buy the products. From experience I can say that many of them advance to national finals and even international finals. If I helped everyone, the value would be dilluted. But I see your point and it is certainly legit.

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