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This was the first time we played Global Management Challenge with our team. So we were just beginners compared to what we achieved later. Although we did not play perfectly we managed to get to the second round of GMC.

You can learn how beginners play from this set of reports and it is useful to see how the performance evolved if you also get the reports from following rounds. You also get the reports from particular scenario that can repeat in the future giving you the opportunity to know what happens in it.

In the Excel file you will find:

  • 5 management reports from history
  • 5 management reports from the decisions we made
  • Global Management Challenge scenario 1.126 (share price in the 5th history)

Our performance:

  • Starting from - 1.126
  • 1st company - 1.172 at the end
  • 2nd company - 1.127 at the end - our company
  • Goodwill 8,5%


This is a consultation based service where you get the reports without any fee. The fee is paid solely for the consultation itself. See the terms of use for more explanation or send us an email if you need clarification.

Please read: The Global Management Challenge organizers changed the simulator a bit in 2013/2014 edition. There are some 5 new decisions (about premium materials, subcontracting, shares issue/repurchase, factory extension and staff training), the rest is the same. In total you have to decide about 75 values while it was 66 before. The new things are rather minor, but the organizers also changed the format of the reports to a different structure. All my tools and reports work 100% perfect with the old simulation, but I unfortunatelly didn´t have time to update it for the new one. So I decided to introduce a 20% discount for everything. The manual, tools and reports are still very useful and will enhance your performance in GMC. Everything from the old simulation has the same impact in the new one. It has already been proven by some teams that bought them for this year´s edition and I personally played with it the new edition successfully. And now it is even for a better price. If you wish to receive 20% off, please use this coupon code on the checkout page after you put your items into shopping cart: new-simulator-discount .

Price: 4.99 €

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