GMCHelper PRO Tool

Many teams don´t calculate anything at all and those that do usually use very lousy tools. From my experience - the better tools they use, the further they make it in GMC. Thus the PRO Tool is a powerful companion in your journey to defeat other teams.

GMCHelper PRO Tool consists of main 5 parts:

      • Demand prediction framework
      • Operations calculator
      • Report Importer
      • Translator
      • Analysis

Report Importer helps you to arrange your reports and build your own additional tools in a unified environment.

Analysis helps you assess the data in a blink of an eye which is crucial for final rounds. It puts the data into context and charts help you better visualize your company performance.

If you have a lot of reports in different languages you can use the Translator to get them in English or your own language.

Report Importer, Translator and Analysis are similar to this product. Hence you can find their further descriptions on their page.

Demand Prediction Framework

Demand prediction framework helps you to follow consistent approach in solving demand for next quarters which is one of the most important things in GMC. It gives you an ability to see everything you need on 1 page, including how your decisions influence production capacity.

This part is the core of your decision. GMC is mainly about demand prediction, working efficiently and rising share price in the last decision. This framework covers demand prediction and partly efficiency.

It consists of 6 parts, some of them require your decisions, others are calculated automatically:

      1. Decisions influencing demand
      2. Previous decisions, change
      3. Influence on demand
      4. Demand prediction
      5. Production
      6. Production capacity

It also contains useful tips about how to play and leads you through the decision. Moreover it gives you a unique opportunity to make decision for all quarters in a row (without waiting for official report), go back if you find out you need to change something and redo it very fast.

Also note what this doesn´t do - examples: it doesn´t tell you how much you should put into advertising and it doesn´t tell you what will be the effect of increased spending on www on demand. These are up to you to decide. But once you know what you want to do, it calculates everything else for you so you can easily see the result, go back, change your decision and continuously improve it.

Operations Calculator

This sheet the same as Excel 1 sheet in official management reports. Thanks to this you can see what will happen based on your decision and predictions in the future. You can also use this to make all decisions ahead.

What this basically does is that you make your decision and you will get the whole Excel 1 spreadsheet calculated automatically.

This part uses all official formulas and relations and is based on how the official simulation works. It saves you a lot of time you would have to spend creating this on your own.

Global Management Challenge PRO Tool GMCHelper 6

It calculates for you (examples, there is much more):

      • Assembly Workers Hours
      • Machine Hours
      • Raw Material Units Used & Available
      • Human Resource Management
      • Agents & Distributors
      • Quantities of Products
      • Shipped Products
      • Expected Orders
      • Sold Products
      • Order Backlog
      • Warehouse Stocks
      • Expected Products Improvements
      • Serviced Under Guarantee and Internet Complaints
      • Transport (Loads)

Ready to Use and Usable

The GMCHelper PRO Tool is ready to use. You don´t need to do anything special. Import your history and you are ready to make your first decision.

The design of the tool is also very important to me. It is done even in a way that helps you to save time - no more time spent on trying to find where you made your machine hours calculations and what error you have there, no more time spent thinking and what you should do when you get a report from the organizer. Everything in the tool is clearly explained (it comes with a Help text on every type of sheet) and logically put into context so it helps you with fast workflow.

If you want to buy more products at once, let me know and we can come up even with some bulk discount.

Please read: The Global Management Challenge organizers changed the simulator a bit in 2013/2014 edition. There are some 5 new decisions (about premium materials, subcontracting, shares issue/repurchase, factory extension and staff training), the rest is the same. In total you have to decide about 75 values while it was 66 before. The new things are rather minor, but the organizers also changed the format of the reports to a different structure. All my tools and reports work 100% perfect with the old simulation, but I unfortunatelly didn´t have time to update it for the new one. So I decided to introduce a 20% discount for everything. The manual, tools and reports are still very useful and will enhance your performance in GMC. Everything from the old simulation has the same impact in the new one. It has already been proven by some teams that bought them for this year´s edition and I personally played with it the new edition successfully. And now it is even for a better price. If you wish to receive 20% off, please use this coupon code on the checkout page after you put your items into shopping cart: new-simulator-discount .

Price: 49.99 €

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