If you help us to promote GMCHelper website, there is always a way you can get rewarded or even something for free. So let’s build this helpful site together, here are some examples of what you can do.

Your Support Discount    Maximum   
Article on your site/blog 1 – 5% 5 Euro
Links on your site/blog 1 – 10% 5 Euro
Translation 10 – 50% 40 Euro
Bulk discount 5 – 20% Not set
Other 1 – 100% Not set

The discounts and maximums are approximate and can be negotiated. Please contact us before your support us so we can discuss the details. And always contact us when you are finished so we can send you a coupon code for the discount. Read the part below for further explanations of the types of support.

Article on your website

Do you have a website or blog? Maybe you could write a simple article or two about Global Management Challenge and mention us in some part of it as a resource and information site about the competition.

Links on your website

We are also looking for quality websites that could link to us. Sitewide links (i.e. on every page of your website) are the best and can be placed in footers or sidebars. You can use the codes below to link to us.

Text links

Image links

The codes place the image with the link on your site. The first two lead to, the other two to
Global Management Challenge / Euromanager

Global Management Challenge / Euromanager

Global Management Challenge / Euromanager

Global Management Challenge / Euromanager


Besides GMCHelper we also run another site about Global Management Challenge where we write some basic info about the competition and experience with it. GMCHelper is meant to be a resource site with tips and strategies while should be information site about GMC. And we would like to bring more closely to the local audience and provide the content in national language. Therefore we are seeking people who would translate the content for us and were rewarded by bigger discounts, maybe even free products.

How it works

You pick the language you know and translate all / part of the content from You send the translations in a text file and we put it online. Then we ask someone who speaks that language (we have friends all around the world, so all languages should be covered) to read it and evaluate the quality. Afterward you get the discount if the quality is sufficient.

We are not looking for perfect writers or translators. We do not expect word by word translations. You can use your own words to make the content easy to read and interesting. And we also do not like Google Translate or similar services (such attempts may lead to IP address ban and prevent further visits on our website).

Below are the languages we are looking for. In many countries (e.g. African) there are many local languages and they are not listed in the table. However we are also interested in those.

Country Language Status
Angola Portuguese
Australia English Done
Belarus Belarusian, Russian
Belgium Dutch, French Done (French)
Benin French Done
Brazil Portuguese
Burkina Faso French Done
Cameroon French Done
Czech Republic Czech Done
Denmark Danish
Estonia Estonian
France French Done
Ghana English Done
Germany German
Greece Greek
Guinea Conakry French Done
Hong Kong Chinese
Hungary Hungarian
India English, Hindi Done (English)
Italy Italian
Ivory Coast French Done
Latvia Latvian
Macao Cantonese
Mali French Done
Mexico Spanish
Niger French Done
Nigeria English Done
P.R. China Chinese
Poland Polish
Portugal Portuguese
Puerto Rico Spanish, English Done (English)
Romania Romanian
Russia Russian
Senegal French Done
Singapore Chinese, English Done (English)
Slovakia Slovakian
Spain Spanish
Thailand Thai
Togo French Done
Turkey Turkish
Ukraine Ukrainian, Russian
Venezuela Spanish
USA English Done

Bulk discount

If you decide to buy several products at once (e.g. international final reports + manual + a tool) write me an email before the purchase and we will give you a discount. It will be based on the total amount you want to spend or some other factors (e.g. if you can help us with something). This way you can either save some money or you can get more while paying the same amount.


Maybe you have another great idea how to help us. Just send us an email with your idea and we can discuss it. The reward will be based on the impact, you can get a % discount or some products for free.

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