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About Global Management Challenge

The competition called Global Management Challenge (GMC) is a contest in strategic management for both university students and employees. The challenge has its roots in Portugal, created by SDG – Simuladores e Modelos de Gestão, and was firstly organized in 1980. It was previously know as Euromanager and some countries still use that name (mostly French speaking countries). The global GMC website is Following article describes Global Management Challenge in detail.

GMC Principles

Euromanager is a simulation model of a real economy consisting of product markets, supply provided by companies and demand simulated by computer. The participants (mostly students) make teams of 3-5 people and are given virtual companies to operate on the virtual markets.

The challenge is divided into rounds and rounds are divided into decisions. Competition is run on an  annual basis starting with 2-3 national rounds usually from October or November, continues throuout winter and finishes with semifinal and final international round in April. The final event of Global Management Challenge is held at a different venue every year (e.g. Macau in 2010/2011, Ukraine in 2011/2012).

Each round is divided into 5 decisions. Firstly, the teams obtain a history of their virtual company. The history consists of 5 Excel sheets called Management reports generated by computer. Every team is given the same set of Management reports at the beginning of each round. Thus all the teams start with the same conditions. The history reports contain structured information about the virtual company for the last 5 quarters.

Types of decisions in Euromanager GMC

After getting histories the teams have to make their decisions about a variety of company aspects in Euromanager. These include:

  • Marketing
    • Demand prediction
    • Advertising
    • R&D
  • Production
    • Manufacturing
    • Quality
    • Transport
    • Raw materials
    • Equipment (machines)
  • Human Resources
    • Recruitement
    • Salaries
    • Working conditions
  • Finance
    • Liquidity
    • Insurance
    • Loans
    • Taxes

The output from the decisions is gathered by the organizers of Euromanager and run through the computer. All the variables are put together and the outcome is determined. Moreover the macro changes and events are generated as well as the prices of companies’ stocks. The team receives their first Management report based on their own decision. The process then continues four more times.

The goal of Global Management Challenge is to finish the decision with the highest share price among all companies. As the participants are divided into groups of 5-8, there are usually 1-2 winners that get through to the next round (based on total number of participating teams and the round of Euromanager). The winner of the national final gets the privilege to represent their country on the international final.

The very important thing to remember is that you optimize your company for the last quarter. So do not worry too much if you share price is lower (but not substantially lower) than the price of your competitors. If learn how to play Euromanager you will see that the share price can jump very high in the last quarter. And the resources here are supposed to help you with it too.


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