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All our tools and software for Global Management Challenge are in Excel files. The format varies depending on the functions. While some of the tools are in .xlsm format using macros, other (static) files are in .xls or .xlsx. Everything was build in Microsoft Excel 2007  and GMCHelper products come with a help inside so you will be able to start using it immediatelly after the purchase. The files are in English, beautifully designed and easy to use. You can see sample images from them on this page and the descriptions of them below.


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GMCHelper PRO Tool

Many teams don´t calculate anything at all and those that do usually use very lousy tools. From my experience – the better tools they use, the further they make it in GMC. Thus the PRO Tool is a powerful companion in your journey to defeat other teams.

GMCHelper PRO Tool consists of main 5 parts:

Price: 49.99 €

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GMCHelper PRO Manual – Updated!

Our Global Management Challenge Manual describes the most important aspects of GMC beyond official manual in detail and give you an ability to outperform 99% of other teams. Prior to reading this manual you should read the official one and really get to understand the game from it. This is not supposed to be its copy written in different words. This is a handbook full of Read the rest of this entry »

Price: 49.99 €

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Reports – International Final Round 2010/2011

It was a wonderful experience to play in the international final round of Global Management Challenge in 2010/2011 edition. Only 8 teams in the world can do it every year and we were happy to be one of them. Now, maybe you play GMC for the first time or you have tried several times and did not make it to the international final, but this is your chance. This set of reports might very well be the game changer for you. Here you will see how the top teams play and the great thing is that you can learn from it and become one of them yourselves. Read the rest of this entry »

Price: 39.99 €

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A lot of our Global Management Challenge knowledge is based on analysis of the reports we gathered and now you can benefit from it in a convenient way through the files you can buy here. Just for you to get a feeling of how much information we processed, here are the number of Excel reports we collected:
  • 60 sets of reports  – reports from 2011/2012 edition
  • 667 sets of reports  – every group, every company in a particular edition and country (history + following reports)
  • 151 sets of reports – every group, every company in a particular edition and country (following reports but no history)
  • 263  sets of reports – various countries and editions (history + following reports) – many different strategies and tips as there are also final rounds and high quality reports
  • 110  sets of reports – various countries and editions (sets with some missing reports)
To sum up:
  • 1277 sets of reports in total
  • Approximatively 4900 decisions to analyze (excluding history)
You can find more about reports on this page.

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