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  1. Hi there,

    Could you please tell me how long it would take for the delivery of “report importer, translator and Basic Analysis” file?

    Thank you!


    • Roman - admin

      Hi Calin, everything is available after the payment is made immediately. And since we use PayPal and card payments that are proccessed promptly you will get a link to download the file right after you finish the purchase.

  2. Hello Roman the difference between these reports is that they have a translator and others not correct?
    Report Importer
    Report Importer & Translator
    Importer Report, Basic Analysis & Translator
    Importer & Basic Analysis Report

    • Roman - admin

      Hi Bruno, the difference is in everything they contain, not only the translator. Report importer can only import. Report importer and translator can both translate and import. Importer, Analysis and Translator can again do imports, translations and basic analysis, etc.

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