Shortcut From Beginners to PROs

It might be your very first year in GMC. Or you already played it for a couple of times but never managed to rank at the top. Or you could also be a participant of a world final round and participating this year again. The good thing is that we have something for everyone! It doesn´t matter if you are a beginner or an average team right now. What matters is how far you want to get. And it is up to you if you want to go through everything on your own or if you want to take a shortcut.

I can tell you from the experience of the successful world finalist – if you choose to do everything it on your own and aspire for the world final:

  • Be ready to spend a huge amount of time – my team worked almost full-time on Global Management Challenge for several months.
  • Be ready to do a lot of boring work – collecting reports, going through them, trying to find anything useful, analyzing, analyzing, analyzing.
  • Be ready to do a lof of exciting work – creating models, brainstorming, recreating models, finding your own mistakes and correcting them.
  • Be ready to lose – our goal was always to get to the next stage, and we did it, we never lost. But 99% lose at some point, that´s how it is.
  • Be ready to be excited – Global Management Challenge can be very rewarding in terms of excitement. And if you do everything on your own you will feel happy. But you still have to achieve something, and that is not so easy.

On the other hand if you chose to use the Global Management Challenge resources presented here:

  • Be ready to work – even with all the reports, manual, tools or research, I would strongly recommend to do your own work. You will get more familiar with GMC and more confident of your own skills.
  • Be ready to explore more – you are not the only one who can buy something here. And there is always something more to find in the simulation. With the tips you get here, you will know what to look for next.
  • Be ready to win – and winning in your country can mean you can get some valuable rewards – money, sponsorship gifts, etc. And also a lot of publicity. And new opportunities – chance for a better job, chance to get new business contact, chance to show how good you are.
  • Be ready to play the final round – it is the most exciting experience when you have to do everything in just one day. The pressure, the atmosphere, the challenge. It is a beautiful feeling when you know how to manage your virtual company there.

It is up to you now. I guess you will like it whatever the path will be. The result can be the difference.


  1. l want to shortcut from beginers to PROs strategy please

    • Roman - admin

      Then I would suggest you to get and read the GMCHelper Manual on how to play Global Management Challenge. You can find it here.

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