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Internet Effectivness Award 2012 winner with GMCHelper 1st Czech team 2010/11
3rd World team 2010/11
Seen on Czech national TV


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How to win Global Management Challenge

The site provides a variety of tools to the players of Global Management Challenge. Reports, manuals, models, research and other articles about GMC can be found hereGlobal Management Challenge tips help participants improve their strategy and enjoy the game more.

You can not cheat the simulation, but you can learn strategies that will outperform your opponents and tips and tricks on how to increase your share price or predict demand/order. Everything you find here was tested and beautifully designed for you to easily use it and get as far as possible in 2011/2012 edition.



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Global Management Challenge / GMC / Euromanager

Global Management Challenge is an international business strategy competition where teams run their virtual companies as managers. Their goal is to achieve the highest price of share within their market. The share price is determined by various factors such as market share, profit, dividends, etc.

GMC, or Euromanager in some countries, is a team-based competition played by thousands of students and managers every year. Although you also play against the computer the main opponents are the other players themselves.